Xiwico was born from the inspiration of maori culture and identity. This life experience was lived by Andria Pablo and surely by many others who have migrated to New Zealand. Andria move to New Zealand at the age of 20 with the aim of discovering something new and different from her home country Mexico.

Encouraged by her father, who supported her to study a Bachelor of Photographic Design at Massey University. She felt in love with maori culture since day one of her studies, were she was able to feel the wairua as she experienced her first Powhiri into the University´s marae. Later on, she bonded with maori people who shared language and tradition. She felt at home.

Though she had a deep feeling of lost of identity as she realized she had nothing to share back. She did not speak nahuatl (native language of Mexico) and she did not know much about her native culture. Those was the fire that gave her the will power to go back home and reconnect with her roots, promising the elders of Aotearoa that she was going to be back with a kete full of aroha and identity from her mexicayotl culture to share with Aotearoa.

It has been an ongoing journey as she learns to be and share; but far from that, she is grateful for both cultures for remembering her the meaning of life and the richness of cultural values. Therefore, she has vision herself as a bridge in which people of both countries can meet each other and share the gold of life. Which is found through, food, dance, song and language, art, ritual and tradition. As xiwico started growing Will Moore join in as fire keeper and so did Medicine women Mikako Kimura.

Xiwico is the seed of this dream. Mexicayotl and Maoritanga weaving together for a better world!


We welcome you on board to share, rescue and live the wisdom of cultural diversity.

If you are interested in sharing some of your cultural gifts within Mexico and New Zealand do not hesitate to contact Xiwico to help you create this magical bond.


Thank you!